Supporting Survivors

A Quick Intro

You My Sister helps victims of abuse regain their mental health. Our particular focus and specialism is in supporting survivors of the sex industries. This is because of the extreme harms involved and a near total lack of appropriate support available elsewhere.

Everything we do is created and delivered with experts – women with lived experience.

For Survivors

‘Life Saving’ Corrie

We run tailored support programmes for survivors of the sex trade or domestic violence alongside a generalist programme which helps women take back control of their mental health after abuse.

For Services

We work with a wide range of services & provide: 

Direct Support to clients to help improve their mental health, rather than waiting months for formal therapies.

Training to help ensure the best possible prevention and intervention strategies around the sex industries for clients who often will not even disclose.



"I wish there had been support like this when I got out of prostitution"


"Thank you to You My Sister
for seed funding -
help with moving on"


I'm thrilled to be
a patron of
You My Sister

Kendra Houseman
Out of the Shadows

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