Who We Are

We support survivors of any aspect of the porn and sex industries

We were set up with women who have exited the sex industries alongside their advocates, mental health professionals and others.

Our Vision

Unique knowledge and expertise

Our vision is to help prevent vulnerable people from entering the sex trade and support those who exit into a life beyond abuse. We are uniquely placed to assist in all stages of prevention and exiting.

How we do things

Powered by Peers

Women who have escaped the sex industries are uniquely placed to support each other. They are also uniquely placed to advise on how best to do this.

That is why our organisation is fully informed by peers (survivors of the sex industries). They are our backbone, they take the lead in developing and delivering our work.

Our Patrons

We are thrilled to welcome Kendra Houseman as our first patron. Groomed as a child by gangs she now fights this through her organisation, Out of the Shadows

Hear Kendra on this podcast:


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