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Vision Board Class

We are thrilled to be hosting a free ‘Vision Board Class’. This is a fun, ‘out of the box’ way of thinking about your dreams and aspirations.

You will need board, relevant pics from magazines or elsewhere, pens, glue, scissors etc

Open to women who have experienced abuse, allies and support workers.

Weds 3rd April


Online. Free (but donations always appreciated)

Book Here

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Reserve Your Place

Contact us now to reserve your place on our next Mental Health Recovery Course, Taking Back Control.

This can help any woman who has experienced abuse. We help you work out the tools that work for you to help stay on an even keel, manage panic attacks and even crises.

It is run online in small groups with trainers who have experienced abuse and who use the techniques on the course.

6 weeks
2.5 hrs/week

Free (but donations always welcome)

Contact us now to reserve a place and to find out more:

Contact Us

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In Other News

We were thrilled to meet the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls on her UK visit. Her Preliminary Report (p 10-11), calls for the entire UK to fully adopt the ‘Nordic Model’ – criminalise all sex buying/profiteering and decriminalise all who sell sex.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Call For Evidence, especially sex trade survivors!

A new Scottish Strategy on prostitution has been published – focussed on exiting and prevention, but with scant detail on how this will be resourced.

And CEASE is asking you to WRITE TO YOUR MP/MSP to end extreme online porn (urgent given the inadequacies of OFCOM’s consultation & proposals as pointed out by leading women ‘s rights experts)

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