Survivors Say

These are just some of the many publications giving voice to those harmed by the sex industries

In an Ideal World I’d Not be Murdered

Wonderful poetry by Chaucer Cameron about the sex industry. Starkly honest, without being too harrowing, and at times up lifting.

Paid For – My Journey through Prostitution

This seminal book on prostitution by Rachel Moran, explores why she and others entered the sex trade and the resultant damage. Since escaping the industry, she has successfully campaigned for new legislation in Ireland.


Any Girl  

Mia Doring, a psychologist specialising in sexual trauma was once in the sex trade. She gives unique insight into the impact of the industry and intergrating her past and present.


Body Shell Girl

Rose Hunter tells her story of the industry. As the title implies, this includes the dissociation necessary to survive, the difficulty of escaping & the life long impact.


A Shatter in the Dark 

This harrowing book by Eva Wolf recounts her experiences of sex trafficking, which will resonate with many from the industry


An Untold Story

Beautiful interactive online book telling the stories of women in street prostitution Hull. Some were part of a successful legal challenge to stop the targeting of women in street prostitution by the authorities. 


Women Unsilenced

Written by 2 nurses exposing the abuse experienced by women they have supported, including through sex trafficking:  how perpetrators operate, how society enables and re-traumatises whilst also re-affirming that recovery is possible.


Last Girl First

This book yet again compiles research from across the world re-affirming what has already been documented for generations – the huge harms of the sex trade, especially for the most marginalised 


Being & Being Bought

Author, Kajsa Ekis Ekman, although not a survivor herself, gives voice to those harmed in the sex trade in Sweden – with a particular focus on dissociation – why it occurs and its long term harm


Not a Choice, Not a Job

Author, Janice Raymond exposes the ‘choice’ and ‘work’ assertions on prostitution. Assertions which only add to the stigma, shame and lack of support for those harmed in the sex industry


More Voices

Just some of the places that give voice to those harmed in the sex industries:
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