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There is just one space left on our mental health recovery programme for women who have experienced domestic violence. If you have, or if you work with women who have, drop us an email to find out more and to enrol.

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May 22nd

Wiesbaden in Germany is hosting a conference on prostitution. Participants are from Germany and Sweden with simultaneous German–English translation.

Sweden: Pimping and sex buying is criminalised, whilst those who sell sex are decriminalised and supported out

Germany: Pimping and sex buying has long been fully legitimised with disastrous effect

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May 24th

‘Buying Her’ is the first documentary ever made looking at the very reason prostitution exists – the men who buy women, why and how they can change.

24th May



Heavily discounted/free tickets available for sex trade survivors or those on low income. Contact organiser here

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‘Sex for Rent’ Survey

Have you been exploited through ‘Sex for Rent’ ? The Government wants to hear from you about this illegal and deeply damaging practice.

Fill in the survey by 30 June


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